There are many factors that separate a great video from a lack luster one. Painful visuals hurt the eyes, poor sound quality deters interaction, and lighting issues give people headaches. Learn how to shoot a Youtube video by reading our tips. Deliver a video that will ensure success and an optimal viewer experience.

Plan Your Video

This is a necessity. Producing high quality videos are due in fact to proper planning and rehearsing. Viewers will notice if your video was loosely put together, and nothing is more frustrating than that. To plan a video, you should sit down with your team and write a script. The script serves as a great tool for staying on track and not steering away from the overall goal the video is trying to accomplish. Consistency is key, and a script is an excellent method in maintaining a constant message.

You should also decide on settings, props, and camera angles before shooting the video. These are all essential to include if you want to create a well polished video. Adding different elements into your video make them more exciting and separate them from the thousands of videos of a single individual talking in front of a white coloured wall. Brainstorming with your team and creating a story board serve well in deciding what direction the video will take. All team members can understand the flow of the video, and there is no confusion when filming.

Use the Right Equipment

Purchasing a few pieces of equipment can really make your video look professional. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars either. Generally speaking, a one time investment of $1,000 should suffice and turn your videos into works of art. First off, it is important to purchase a nice camcorder. Preferably, a camcorder that shoots in 720p or 1080i high definition (HD). The video quality is excellent, viewers will appreciate you for not using a smartphone.

How to shoot a youtube video

Lighting is crucial when shooting a video. You see so many videos that lack proper lighting and contrast that any glimpse of such, results in immediately exiting the video. Using the sun or room light as your “lighting” is not sufficient. Doing so can actually result in worse colour and contrast. To combat this problem, purchase a camera mounted light or flood lights. You can purchase flood lights at your local hardware store or camera store, and they are pretty reasonable with pricing. Angle your flood lights so they are facing the speaker from the front and sides. Doing so will result in improved video and picture quality.

Audio is often overlooked when shooting a video. What is worse than having a video where the audience can barely hear the speaker? Usually, the camcorder’s built in speaker is not sufficient in creating an optimal listening experience for the audience. Considering investing in a better microphone, one that can be positioned above the speaker, or one that is directly attached to the speakers‘ shirt.

These investments will make all the difference in the world. It will transform your mediocre video into a easy to watch, multimedia experience.


You may not use these materials every single time you shoot, but they are very handy to have.

  • At least one spare battery, fully charged.
  • At least two more blank tapes than you think you’ll need.
  • A lens-cleaning cloth. No matter how careful you are, the lens is going to get smudged. There’s no post-production software filter in the world that can correct for that.
  • A tripod. Throw it in the trunk, even if you don’t think you’ll need it.
  • The battery charger/power supply.
  • An extension cord for the power supply, which you’ll invariably need.
  • Duct tape, for taping down the extension cord so people don’t trip over it.

Deliver Professional Shots

Remember that script you wrote? If you want your video you look professional you will need to plan your shots in advance and execute them. Line up your shots, check the audio quality, and make sure the lighting is spot on before shooting. Test shots should be conducted before starting your masterpiece.

Dress the readers in professional attire if presenting business related material, or something that matches the image portrayed in the video. Keep the presenters relaxed, as you will receive the best and natural results when doing so.

Edit Away

Editing your video is the final piece of the production pie. Putting together your shots, improving lighting contrast, and editing audio levels are essential in delivering a professional style video. Usually there are entry level editing programs installed onto your computer but I recommend upgrading to a more polished software. Adobe Premiere Elements, Apple Final Cut Pro, and iMovie are all highly suitable choices. Do your research and pick which one best suits your needs (and your capabilities).

Be Different

Creativity is key. Like I said before, you see so many boring videos of one speaker in front of a white wall. Mix it up a little, add some unique animations or change the scenery of your video on a shot by shot basis. If it makes sense and will make your video different from the rest, go ahead and do it. Just make sure it applies to what you are trying to deliver or portray.

Use these tips to help you shoot a professional style video. All of the little details matter, so make sure to work on each individual topic covered. Best of luck, and have fun!

Originally posted on the Kleurvision website.