Patrick Lyver

Company Name

Kleurvision Inc.
InvEnt Opportunities Inc.

Favourite Hangout

If I’m not in the office or with my family at home, you can find me roaming around with my sleeping bag, camp stove, and backpack.


Leadership Profile

I am a classically trained graphic designer turned creative director and marketing experimenter. My experience stems from the world of music, fashion, entertainment, and traditional arts. Through the desire to create I taught myself to code and build web-based things that individuals can interact with, experience, and simplify their lives. In 2004 I founded Kleurvision Inc., a successful brand development agency which works with international organizations to unlock their sales potential through digital explorations. Kleurvision continues to grow strong and has been a stable entity in Durham Region for 12 years, currently we employ 7 people and have produced over $3 million in revenue. Additionally I am an investor and director in fin-tech startup InvEnt Opportunities and is a partner in the social/volunteer platform, Vololo.

I am in the process of writing my first book and I am developing as a speaker. I also consult as an expert in creative solutions and critical problem solving around marketing, sales, and brand.

Biggest Failure

My biggest failure would be not paying enough attention to the financial side of business early on. Without a solid grasp of numbers, all you are doing in business is playing a game. When you factor profit and loss into the mix, things get real, and they get there fast.

Biggest Success

Being able to build a business that provides for my family and the families of those that work with me and believe in the vision every day.

Favourite Quote

I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.”


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