Jane Warr

Company Name

Trainer Jane

Favourite Hangout

Sp!n Dessert Cafe and Bistro


Leadership Profile

Jane “Trainer Jane” Warr is a Verbal Aikido Communications and Relationships Coach, delivering life-transforming experiential educational programs. As a Business Coach, she specializes in entrepreneurial success, working with clients One-on-One, as well as with Group Coaching clients. Jane holds many business and personal development seminars and workshops regularly across Southern Ontario, has must-attend selling events called Selling on the Spot Marketplace, having built a network into the thousands. She is a Published Author and International Stage Speaker, addressing professional and non-profit organizations, women’s organizations and corporations. Jane is on the Leadership Team for StartUp Durham managing Communications Training, Sales Training, and Event Management and Promotions.

Biggest Failure

Coming soon…

Biggest Success

Raising two happy, healthy, respectful adults, that are living their dreams..

Favourite Quote

“Your playing small does not serve the world. Who are you not to be great?”


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